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Crystallyn Katana Kasurage

(結晶リン カタナ 粕怒り, Kasurage Katana Crystallyn) is one of the main characters of the series. She is from the Village Hidden in Wind. She is the granddaughter of the founder of Kazegakure. She is first introduced running through the woods, and she bumps into Korronie. That's when Korronie and her met, and they started traveling together after that.


Age: 17 years old (77,777 1/2 years old - Demon/Vampire)

Race: Human, Vampire, Demon

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Eyes: Midnight Purple

Hair: Black, Red

Bloodtype: Type A Positive

Kekkei Genkai: Cyiangan, Forbidden Cyanide

Classification: S-Rank, Missing Nin

Occupation: Akatsuki Mastermind

Affiliation: Konahagakure, Kazegakure, Akatsuki

Patner(s): Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Deidara, Korronie Van Hellsing, Hari Hikaru Kasurage

Clan: Kasurage Clan

Family: Hari Hikaru Kasurage (Twin Sister), Korronie Van Hellsing (Cousin)

Nature Type(s): Wind, Fire, Ice


Inuyasha Information:

Crystallyn is a full blooded Dog demon. Even though Crystallyn is a purebred dog demon, she also has purebred wolf, cat and dragon in her. Crystallyn has an older brother, twin sister, older sister and half brother. Crystallyn oldest brother is Lord Sesshomaru. Crystallyn's oldest sister is Tracia. Crystallyn's twin sister is Hari. Finally, her half brother is Inuyasha. Crystallyn's mother is Inu-Kimi and her father is Inu-no-Toshio. Crystallyn is the ruler of the Western lands. Crystallyn later runs (literally) into her long lost cousin Korronie Van Hellsing. From then on out Crystallyn and Korronie go about their travels side by side.

Crystallyn shares a castle with her twin sister Hari located in the Western lands, which she also shares power of with Hari. Even though she has a home in the Western lands, most of the time Crystallyn is not there. Crystallyn can be found traveling the world with Korronie and on occasion Hari tags along.

Naruto Information:

Crystallyn is from Kazegakure in the Land of Fire. Kazegakure is located in the Hidden Village of the Leaves. Crystallyn's graduated the Ninja Academy along with Itachi Uchiha at the age of seven. Crystallyn went to being an ANBU captian assistant on Itachi's squad. Eventually, Korronie, Hari, and her became Akatsuki members.

Ever since Crystallyn was born, she was a special child. Crystallyn and her twin sister Hari, are able to control the natural element Wind. Crystallyn was exceptional at everything she did, but it did not come natural to her. Some stuff of it came easy to her, but she had to work her butt off to get to the exceptional levels she is at.

Crystallyn has an older brother whose always been better in her father's eyes. She's grew up trying to be something to her father other than a uselesss being. As she got in to her teanage years, she stopped trying and caring what her father thought of her.

When Crystallyn stopped caring what here father thought of her she also stopped listening to him. This resulted in her father beating her. This however did not stop Crystallyn from not caring about her father. Crystallyn just rebelled even more toward her father, she was never going to be anything in his eyes. She didn't let her father put her down and not become a fantastic konouchi.

Eventually, she became an ANBU captian assassiant, her captian was none other than Itachi Uchiha, they graduated top of their class and at the same young age. The team was made up of Crystallyn, Korronie, Hari and Itachi himself. Every morning they would report to the Hokage's office and then to Itachi.

After awhile, Itachi started to worry about Crystallyn, why did she always had different buises and cuts. When Itachi would ask her what all her cuts and buises were from she would just brush him off and say that they were from her be uncooridinated and having awlful balance. After awhile of hearing Crystallyn lie to Itachi about her injuries, Hari and Korronie stepped in and told Itachi the truth, Crystallyn just glared at them. Crystallyn stormed off pissed because if she wanted her life story told she'd tell it herself.

One night before a big mission she was going on with the rest of her team, she got into a huge battle with her oldest brother, she attacked him with her airborune sythe attack, Chrachi, her oldest brother, redirected her attack back at her while using his Cyiangan locking her in the spot she was in. Crystallyn's flying blade was now whirling towards her now and there was nothing she could do about it. The blade sliced into left eye, sending her flying back into the stone wall dividing the Kasurage Clan and the Uchiha Clan. Now screaning because of the searing pain in the left side of her face, waking her clan and the Uchiha clan up. Hari and Korronie come running in the direction of Crystallyn screaming, knowing it was Crystallyn screaming. When they got there Chrachi had already run off, Itachi and his father walked through the manor entrance. They rushed Crystallyn to the hospital. They didn't go on their mission the next day, it was postpone until Crystallyn was healed. That attack left a geusome scar on Crystallyn's left eye that she normally hides behind genjutsu.

Crystallyn is also a full blooded dog demon. Nothing much is mentioned about Crystallyn in the feudal era becaue Crystallyn and Korronie moved to the modern era early. Hari didn't move to the modern era until Crystallyn and Korronie were inthe Akatsuki. Crystallyn has an older biolgical brother, half brother, twin sister and a older sister/cousin. Their name's are inthe the order that they are: Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Hari and Korronie.

Crystallyn's ninja life, well soon after she recived that scar on her eye, she justed wanted to leave the village and get away from her family. Itachi and Korronie tried to talk her out of it but it's nearly impossible to talk Crystallyn out of something she determined to do.

Crystallyn's love life, well her "boyfriend" back at her family's manor, he would beat her and talk down to her. It was like impossible for Crystallyn to break up with him. She just went on with her life and tried not seeing him that much. She was in love with her partner, Itachi. The love was returned but they had to keep it a secret because of Kino, Crystallyn's "boyfriend". He already beat her and Crystallyn didn't want to find out what he would do to her if he found out about her and Itachi.

Kino wasn't the only one who beat her, her father and older brother also beat her. With her father, brother and Kino beating her, it was hard for her to hide all the bruises and everything. This is when Itachi started getting concerned, he only knew about Kino beating her not her father and brother also. So Itachi confronted her in private one time, she tried shooting him down but he kept presisting. He loved her and didn't want to see anything happen to her. When he finally learned all what was happening to her is when she ending up in the hospital in crital condition. When she woke she told Itachi everything that had been going on. Since then Itachi has done everything he can to keep her safe.

Death Note Information:

Crystallyn grew up in her home village of the leaf with her sisters Hari and Korronie. By time Crystallyn was 12 years old she was put into a orphanage for the gifted. This orphanage was called Wammy's House. Wammy's House is an orphanage for children with expectional intelligence and skills. Crystallyn was one of those gifted children. Crystallyn had an extremely high level of intelligence and could do anything she set her mind to. That same year Crystallyn was put into Wammy's, Crystallyn's twin sister Hari, was murdered in front of Crystallyn by their father, older brother and fellow villagers. After that, Crystallyn closed up and stayed to herself for awhile. Crystallyn ninja partner and at that time boyfriend, Itachi Uchiha, helped in anyway he could. He too was there when Hari was murdered. This event put a huge strain on their relationship and eventually they went their separate way and broke up. Crystallyn was opening up only to a few people at Wammy's. That would Korronie, her older sister, Mello and Matt, her best friends at Wammy's. Crystallyn would also go to L when she needed guidance or just someone different to talk to about everything.

Within a year in a half, Crystallyn and Mello had grown pretty close, they eventually made it official. When Crystallyn was 17 years old, Kira had killed L. When everybody found out of what happened to L, Mello left after learning of his death and that both he and Near were his succecors. Crystallyn and Korronie went with him. Crystallyn and Mello continued to stay together. They both run the mafia.

When Kira came into the picture Crystallyn started officially using her nickname Cryst, everybody already called her by her nickname but it was made official to keep Crystallyn's real name a secret. Crystallyn has this special ability that she can do, she can change the names and life lines that appear above your head that can only be seen by shinigami eyes.

Criminal Minds Information:

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra Information:

Castlevania Information:

Crystallyn is a pure vampire, which means that she was born a vampire not bore a human and later turned into a vampire. Crystallyn has a twin sister and an older sister. Their names are Hari, her twin sister and Korronie, he eldest sister.

She and her sisters built and started a kingdom that controlled a portion of the lands, part of the lands that Count Dracula never could get his hands on. Never did he try, knowing he would never stand a chance agains three pure vampires with firey tempers and attitudes.

A few centuries after Crystallyn and her sisters started their kingdom, Crystallyn fell in love with a devil forgemaster named Isaac Laforeze. Isaac is one of the right-hand men for Count Dracula. Hari her twin sister was happy for Crystallyn, finally seeing Crystallyn happy. Korronie, her eldest sister however, was not very happy with Crystallyn. The reason being, because of Isaac's position.

Crystallyn moved in with Isaac when they became engaged. They were engaged for almost a decade when Isaac was letting his position with Count Dracula to his head. Isaac started to neglect Crystallyn. One day, Crystallyn and isaac got into an agrument and it got violent. Crystallyn was attacked by someone after Isaac and Isaac did nothing to stop the attack from happening or continuing. Crystallyn was badly injured from this attack. She got up after being attacked and took her engagement ring off and threw at Isaac, told him that she hated him and then left. She went back to the kingdo that she and her sisters desgned and built. Hari and Korronie accepted her back and got her some medical help immediately.

Five decades pass, Crystallyn and Hari are second in commands of their kingdom while Korronie is the Queen persay. They were hosting a huge ball for all of the lands. Everyone was there, well with the exception of the Count, due to the fact that he has been defeat and put to his slumber. Since then, it has been three years, since Count Dracula fell to his dimise (or so we think). Crystallyn is re-encountered by Isaac at the ball and tries her best to advoid him. Crystallyn does pretty well at doing so until torwards the end of the ball. Everything got out of hand by that point.

Korronie was expressing a rather distubing story to Crystallyn and Hari. When Crystallyn said something about not wanting to here it, although Crystallyn said it in a jokling matter, Korronie took it as a serious and literal comment.


She has a firery temper but is normally calm, plays are around and loves being around her friends. She has an amazing sense of humor and tries to get along with everyone. She was never liked amoungst her family which right of the bat made her a loner. She was always shy when it came to sociallizing because the abuse she got from home and the fact that she was different from most people. She was someone who always got everything right and got teased for it. As she got teased more she started to develop an alter ego that was more confident, loud and outgoing than she really was on the inside. After she graduated the Ninja Academy and passed the Chunin Exams she became a ANBU and was partnered up with fellow graduate and friend Itachi Uchiha, along with Hari and Korronie of course.

That alter ego that she developed become more and more of reality than just a persona. That shy girl was still there but she used the persona that she created to make herself better and to help forget the horrible things that were going on at home. Although her alter ego sometimes made it where people dispised her, she was standing up fro herself and that's all she cared about becaue for once she was in charged and not scared like normal.

Eventually her alter ego became a part of her and it wasn't an alter ego no more. That shy and scared girl was still inside her but was rarely seen. The only time that side of her came out was party parties and big social events with the people that always made fun of her.


When she still lived in Konoha, she had pin straight, jet black hair that came down to her lower back.